Everything you need to know about Sphinx

Everything you need to know about Sphinx


Petroleum-derived chemicals, endocrine disruptors, polluted oceans - none of these should have anything to do with our intimate area! Unfortunately, disposable hygiene products are more popular than ever. 


If you're like us and strive for a sustainable lifestyle, you're bound to wonder what the alternatives are. 


Our solution: reusable and washable period underwear. 


Okay, that may sound good... but what does it look like in practice?


Rules are not dirty


Hand on heart: we've all thought periods are a little dirty. But in themselves, they are a natural phenomenon that provides hormonal balance and is hugely important to the health of menstruating people. 


Period blood smells different than blood drawn for examination or flowing after an injury - because period fluid also contains substances like vaginal mucus, fluids and tissue. If bacteria are part of the mix, odors can develop.


That said, it is important that you feel safe and comfortable during your cycle. If your method of dealing with your period also helps the planet and reduces waste, all the better!


Washable Reusable panties


Washable menstrual panties and period underwear are slowly but surely conquering the intimate hygiene market. Understandable, because period panties have many advantages: 


  • Comfortable: unlike washable pads, period panties fit like normal underwear, don't slide around  and stay in place all day, which therefore also minimizes the risk of leakage.
  • Respectful: Underwear does not need to be inserted and is therefore not intrusive. Your private area is respected. 
  • Absorbent: period underwear wicks away moisture, collects your flow immediately, locks it, helps fighting odor and keeps you dry.
  • Convenient: you can wear your panties all day or all night without any leakage.
  • Healthy: Panties do not contain chemicals like disposable hygiene products. 
  • Ecological: If you take proper and careful care of your underwear, you can reuse it for up to five years.

Easy to use


With all the benefits, it's also extremely easy to use:


  • You simply put on the underwear when you get your period
  • After 6 to 12 hours you change your underwear. Rinse the used underwear with cold water until it turns clear.  
  • Then wash it with a dab of non-greasy soap, if you prefer to wash it by hand, or put it in the washing machine at 30-40°C with your dark clothes.
  • Afterwards, hang the panty to dry and tidy them up until your next cycle begins. 


Good for you, good for the planet, easy to use - what's the catch?


If you think you have to save on style, we'll disappoint you. Because Sphinx period underwear is just as stylish as regular, timelessly designed underwear. 


See for yourself and visit our store!

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