How to properly care for your menstrual underwear

Anyone who unpacks his sphinx underwear soon holds his new favorite underwear in his hand.  


Before you can use the elegant panty, you should first wash them at 30-40°C. Which is also recommended for classic lingerie. Once your Sphinx has air-dried, you can put it on and enjoy the new feeling of freedom. 


When you take it off again after 6 to 12 hours, you can easily take care of it: 


Step 1: Rinse


After use, rinse your Sphinx underwear thoroughly with cold water until the water turns clear. Please do not use hot water, as this will dissolve the proteins in the blood and cause them to clot together and blood to stick to the underwear. Use cold water to remove the blood easily.


If you can't rinse your Sphinx underwear right away and it has dried up a bit, put it in a basin of cold water to soften the fibers of the fabric and make them release the blood more easily.


Step 2: Wash


Now it's time to get really clean: After rinsing your Sphinx, wash it by hand with an ecological stain soap or simply put it in your washing machine at 30-40°C with the rest of your laundry. You can also put it in a laundry net for extra protection. 


Attention: In order to keep your period underwear as long as possible, please do not use bleach or fabric softener. Also avoid detergents that are too rich in glycerin. Over time, glycerin can affect the absorbency of the fibers and cause your Sphinx underwear to leak. 


Step 3: Hanging


Nothing beats drying in the fresh air! This is also true for your Sphinx. Please do not put them in the dryer and do not iron them. Hang your Sphinx in an area that is not too humid and wait for it to dry completely before reusing it.


Sphinx tips


If you haven't washed out the blood completely, it can clot in your underwear. This leads to the formation of odors. In such a case, you can simply add a little cider vinegar (5% acid) to the washing machine during the next wash cycle. And the smell is gone!


If you want to protect your Sphinx underwear extra, please use a laundry net, because this protects the Sphinx underwear from abrasion.


Avoid bleach and dry cleaning as it reduces the effectiveness and life of Sphinx underwear. 


Even if you like ironing, don't do it to your Sphinx!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Your Sphinx will be by your side. Because if you take good care of your period underwear, you can reuse it for up to 5 years. 

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